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Poly Ethyl Ether Polysulfide(VA-7,JL-1)

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1. Chemical Name: Aliphatic ether polysulfide

2. Chemical Formula: (C5H10O2S4)n                 
3. Specification:    

Item I II
Appearance Light yellow liquid Light yellow powder
Sulfur content% 48~52 32~36
PH 6~8 6~8
Ash(800℃×2hr)% 6~8 ≤30

4. Application:
This product can be used as vulcanizing agent for nature rubber, SBR, NBR and other unsaturated rubber. It can replace DTDM and reduce the generation of carcinogen nitrosamines. Its recommended dosage is 2-3 fractions.

5. Package, Storage and Transportation:
Plastic bucket, 25kg/bucket. Stored in well-ventilated cool and dry area.
The quality guarantee period is 6 months.
It can be transported as normal chemical.

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